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Believe It! A Naruto Dressing Room

Believe the DR: A Naruto Dressing Room
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All Members , Moderated

  • Duplicates are loved, have as many AU's as you want; go wild!
  • As of now, Fandom OCs are welcome! Please don't make this change, guys.
  • Tag posts with the character's name, and if you'd like, the game they're in (if any).
  • Does your post contain spoilers for the last four or so chapters? Put it behind a cut and use the !spoilers tag.
  • Spoilers come up in comments? Try and put "spoiler warning" in your subject line.
  • Your post turn NC-17? Friends-lock it and add a NC-17 warning to the subject.
  • No OOC wank. We can play nice together.
  • Good English grammar and spelling, please.

[ Layout by cakeholes. Mods can be reached by email at believetheemail@google.com, or through PM on the mod account. ]